Robin Smith

Freelance Full-stack Web Developer 

Freelance full-stack web developer specialising in Javascript (React, Angular) and Python.

I love staying up-to-date and blogging regularly about software development, fun personal projects and new tools and techniques I have used.

What I Do

  • Front-end Web Development

    I combine the latest front end technologies like React, AngularJS, Javascript, HTML, CSS and SASS to create responsive single-page applications.

    I worked with Network Rail to implement an internal business information reporting and administration tool, using AngularJS.

    I can use frameworks like Jekyll to create static websites, deploying them using great hosting services such as Netlify.

  • Server-side development

    I have many years of experience using Python to create a range of good quality software and tools.

    I have used Python with Flask to design and create a micro-service oriented server API as the backend for a large business information application for Network Rail. I worked with Kaptio Travel to implement backend pricing APIs.

  • Database design

    I am experienced with designing and implementing MySQL and PostgreSQL database schemas, designed to enable the relevant application queries to get the job done.

  • Test suites and Continuous Integration

    I am very experienced in testing complex logic using automated unit and integration testing.

    I have implemented Python unit testing on the server-side on many different projects. For the front end, I have implemented unit and integration testing with Karma and Protractor.

Previous Projects

Some previous projects I have worked on.

  • Derby Wheelblazers

    I rebuilt the Derby Wheelblazers Wordpress website from scratch after their admin account was locked out. This required creating a custom theme and some ingenuity to piece things back together.

    Derby Wheelblazers is Derby's premier wheelchair basketball club, aimed at getting people into wheelchair basketball.

  • Network Rail Business Information Tool

    I was a core developer for 2 years on a large enterprise application for Network Rail, built using AngularJS, Flask and MySQL. A strong emphasis was placed on automated testing, resulting in a very well-tested backend platform.

    Features included cost/benefit analysis, data visualisation, asset management and reporting - with modular report generation through the front-end and reports generated in CSV, HTML and PDF formats).

  • Kaptio Travel

    As a full-stack developer for Kaptio Travel I used my full range of web development skills: I wrote core itinerary pricing logic in the travel reservation platform; worked on a data transformation service running on Node and written in typescript; improved the Salesforce frontend.

    I also designed and implemented a secure data sync solution to allow a third-party to sell their products through Kaptio's platform.

  • Commercial Salesforce/Google synchronisation application

    For Cloudreach I was a core developer on a application to synchronise Email, Calendar and Contact information between Google Apps and Salesforce platforms. The application made use of techniques such as scheduled and batch Apex, triggers and web services.

    As well as working on all parts of the synchronisation application, I designed and built a second stand-alone application acting as a licensing server, to perform product verification and registration, offering trial and paid functionality for Cloudreach products. This was successfully used to license Alumina Connect to customers of Cloudreach.

What it's like to work with me

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