ConsoleWriter jQuery Plugin

Console-style inline element editing using jQuery

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I wanted to create a console-like typing effect on a heading element, with the heading firstly appearing character by character as if being typed in at a developer's console. This sort of thing has already been done as in Typed.js, typeWriter.js or realistic-typewriter.js. As with most ideas in the JS world or software world, it is fair to say that this idea has been done before.

My main motivation for the project was to gain familiarity with using jQuery and I believe that embarking on a pet project is the most fun and productive way to learn a new programming language or tool.

The main feature that I wanted to implemented with the project was to allow the site visitor to modify the heading element by focusing it, deleting existing characters and typing whatever they wanted into the element, complete with a blinking cursor at the end of the line, as if they were typing on a command line. I added keyboard typing sounds to try to heighten the effect. Try it now by clicking any of the headings within this blog article.


I packaged the project up as a jQuery plugin: ConsoleWriter, designed with a focus on user-friendliness and configurability using options.

The project can be installed through Bower using the following command:

bower install console-writer

The heading above this paragraph displays the default method of usage which requires just adding the console-writer class to the element. Reload the page again to see the typewriter effect. The README file included in the repo describes the options and how to set them. There is also a demo.html file which shows example usages.