CV Cover Letter

I'm Robin, a developer who has always loved working on the full web application stack. I have a passion for learning and for making things well. I also love the efficiencies and flexibility of working remotely, which I believe can be a great working model for technology companies.

I have been working freelance for the last few years, which has made me into a well-rounded developer and professional. I have a greater sense of ownership over tasks that I am responsible for, and I am great at personal organisation. These skills make me the perfect remote worker, and I'd love to find a role in a company with a great personal and technical culture fit.

My enjoyment and passion for software development come from using creativity and attention to detail to make life easier for people, enabling them to do new things in a way that is intuitive and fun. I also love automating things in my own life: I am currently working on a mobile app to allow me to easily view variations of guitar chords. I strongly believe in the value of personal projects for learning new technologies and languages, and for trying out new ideas without risk.

My enjoyment of learning has led to me working with most of the popular frontend and backend web stack languages, and a variety of web frameworks. I am currently most interested in React, Ruby on Rails and Python-based frameworks like Flask or Django. I am also experienced in database design, build automation and continuous integration. I recently started learning OCaml in order to experience working in a fully-functional programming language. I advocate things that improve code-quality, such as: code reviews, automated testing, linting.

I am a big people person, so I believe in a strong company culture. I have a proven track record of being easy to work with as a colleague, and of being a great communicator. I love writing and sharing knowledge, and combine the two with a blog at I would fit in well in a company with a culture that promotes learning, knowledge-sharing and a passion for seeking better ways of doing things.